Located in Central PA, delve is an experiential graphic design firm whose specialties are boundless and evolving.

Delve Associates LLC opened in October of 2011 and is located in York, PA. Since then, founding member Renae Orr has been working with architects, owner’s reps, fabricators, printers, and clients of nearly every shape and size to develop exceptional graphics.

Delve offers a wide array of services to an even wider range of clients. Are you a fabricator, design firm, or industry professional looking for assistance? Check out the Industry Support section. Are you an architect or the representative of an organization in need of environmental graphics? Then head over to Experiential Graphic Design for more info.



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Are you a fabricator in need of assistance with production files, programing, or graphic creation? Look no further. Delve works with fabricators on a variety of projects. From programing to shop drawings and sign face layouts, delve can help with large and small scale projects. Our experience also includes working on fabrication teams for exhibit and museum installations. We can oversee extensive graphic schedules and produce final artwork based on design intent, cad drawings, content documents, and photo libraries.


We’ve all been there. Sometimes a project calls for an extra pair of hands to help offset personnel and time constraints. Delve offers services to large design firms and freelances alike. Maybe you need help with a site survey, programing, sign design, or all of the above. No matter what your need is we can help. All work is seamlessly and discreetly integrated by utilizing your templates, title blocks, and general submission standards.

industry professionals

Has your client requested a service you don’t typically offer? Many of our services are a la carte and with a background in traditional print design, experiential graphic design, and extensive site work you can rest assured that delve can help you meet your client’s needs. Don’t let the distance come between us. While we’re located in central Pennsylvania, we work with professionals all over the country. Technology is great isn’t it?


It’s all about the experience.

Where should visitors go? What information should they be aware of? Are they getting lost? Inside or out, donor or wayfinding, we know how to make sure everyone finds what they’re looking for. 

Unifying people and their environments.

There are beautiful buildings and spaces all around us. We interact with them every day. Finding our way can be a breeze, but sometimes it’s frustrating and stressful. We understand the enormous impact direction giving has on an individual’s experience. Whether they are guided verbally, by signs, or by printed materials, it’s critical to make sure your visitors are well informed and confident while navigating through their environment. We have developed sign systems and wayfinding master plans for buildings devoted to higher education, healthcare, and the arts, as well as public spaces such as parks, public transportation. No project is too big or too small.

Creating an opportunity for clarity.

Every environment possess unique challenges and opportunities. By understanding the architecture and composition of an environment, we identify key opportunities to effectively inform and guide visitors. Through the consistent and appropriate use of branding, color, and composition, we are able to assure visitors that they are on the correct path to where they are going or that they have arrived at their destination. Wayfinding master plans and sign systems designed by delve improve visitor experiences and their perception of an environment. We often supplement wayfinding and sign systems with communication materials which enhance the system and increase visitor satisfaction. 

Overseeing from inception to completion.

Our process is an all inclusive, step by step method that ensures optimal time efficiency, clear communication, exceptional design, and the adhesion to budgets and completion goals.

Our experience developing wayfinding master plans and signage for large, complex environments like college campuses and hospitals has enriched our abilities to identify and address the smallest, most technical of details while our development of signage in smaller more niche environments like galleries has enabled us to grow our sophisticated and elegant style of design. 

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